We are a high-volume EU manufacturer of machine-made reusable and paper carrier bags
We own and operate a manufacturing plant in Lithuania, EU
We produce reusable non-woven and kraft paper bags at the same location
We offer custom-made reusable and paper bags from the idea to the finished product

Non woven and Paper bag manufacturer

Looking for an eco-friendly solution for your business’s bags? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We produce a variety of high quality, reusable and paper carrier bags for a wide range of industries. Our experienced team will bring you fresh ideas and tailor made packaging solutions, whether you are a fashion retailer, supermarket or food outlet

Brands we have worked with

We supply multiple sectors including supermarkets, the hospitality industry, fashion retail, consumer electronics and much more!

Take a look at some of the fantastic brands we have worked with – many of which are household names.

Discover eco bags

At Bagfactory, we work with you to create personal, custom-made eco-friendly carrier bags (according to the survey “Evaluation of non-woven shopping bags perspectives by comparing to other existing alternatives” ) for your business.

We have a range of materials for you to choose from including machine made reusable non-woven PP, non-woven R-PP, non-woven R-PET, felt or single use machine-made paper bags. Our bags also come with a range of handle choices, including flat or twisted options. Visit our product pages below for more information.

Why to choose Bagfactory?

Made in Europe

All of our bags are produced at our plant in Vilnius, Lithuania making production and communication with a factory team a breeze, you won’t have to worry about large time differences when working with us!

High quality finishes and quality assurance:

The production methods used for our machine-made reusable and paper bags ensures a high quality finish on our eco-friendly products. Our BRC Packaging, GRS and OEKO-TEX certifications ensure only high quality products are produced.

Custom bag solutions:

No matter what sector your business is in, we will be able to offer a custom solution for your business. Whether you are looking for single use eco-friendly paper bags or reusable bags, our expert team can help.

Sustainability & Innovation

We are passionate about caring for our planet, which is why all of our business concepts focus on ensuring we are environmentally friendly and adhere to our sustainability mission. As a result, we invest heavily in innovative production and recycling methods which allow us to produce 100% post-consumer recycled bags (according to the survey "Evaluation of non-woven shopping bags perspectives by comparing to other existing alternatives" ).

Fast production:

Due to our location in Europe, we are able to meet short lead times meaning you receive your order sooner. Our team are used to working to tight deadlines and our accurate production methods help minimise errors and delays.

Ethical global shipment:

We offer a range of shipment solutions via road, air and sea. Our team will ensure the best shipment solution is selected for you, that allows for maximum efficiency and minimal cost

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