We strive to lead the sustainable bag manufacturing process in Central Europe and Scandinavia.

By collaborating with the non-woven PP material producer and researchers, BAGFACTORY has been developing from 90% recycled non-woven PP material.

At BAGFACTORY sustainability is a core business principle and not a marketing strategy.

Since the start of BAGFACTORY our aim has been to produce eco-friendly bags. We had to solve the dilemma of offering products which have the potential to replace single use plastic bags and which could be 100% recyclable.

As an industry we are committed to making environmentally friendly products by closely working with the external stakeholders including lawmakers, environmental organisations and businesses to achieve our goals.

We offer two most eco-friendly packaging products for our clients up to date (according to the survey “Evaluation of non-woven shopping bags perspectives by comparing to other existing alternatives”): reusable (made from non-woven PP, R-PP and R-PET) and single use paper carrier bags with twistable or flat handles.

BAGFACTORY uses non-woven PP material to produce our environmentally friendly reusable bags.

Non-woven PP is a recyclable plastic material; it is breathable, reusable, washable, recyclable, strong, extremely lightweight, comfortable and a soft material. It is the perfect choice for companies who are looking to produce environmentally friendly eco-bags as a replacement for single use plastic bags.

Normally non-woven PP bags are made out of 100% virgin fibres.

By collaborating with the non-woven PP material producer and researchers, BAGFACTORY has been developing 90% recycled non-woven PP material.

From January, 2021 we offer our customers from various businesses to order bags with recycled content.

We are proud that we are able to play a role to achieve a better and greener earth through our efforts!

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We regularly work with our retail partners and encourage them to promote reusable bags in order to stop single use plastic carrier bag use. Here at BAGFACTORY we try to form customer habits of saying “no bag thanks” and having their reusable bag prepared to carry their purchase.

Non woven and Paper Bag manufacturers


BAGFACTORY is constantly working on new innovations in how to produce more sustainable bags. In coming years we plan to introduce 100% sustainable recycled reusable bags which would add to the portfolio of environmentally friendly packaging.

Lets use eco-friendly bags and help save nature.

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