EU Funding project

Implementing the project
"Investment in the production of non-woven products to combat COVID-19"

UAB Bagfactory since 2021. February 17 until 2021 September 17 implements the project “Investment in the production of non-woven products to combat COVID-19”, (No 03.3.1-LVPA-T-859-01-0055) co-financed by the European Union for the period 2014-2020 Funds Investment Operational Program Priority 3 “Small and Medium Business Promoting Competitiveness “Measure no. 03.3.1-LVPA-T-859 “COVID-19 products LT ”funds.

UAB Bagfactory is intensively growing and has a huge potential for further growth manufacturer of shopping bags, market leader in Lithuania and one of the market leaders in the EU. It is an environmentally responsible company that uses both primary (paper, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene teratalate (PET) nonwovens) and recycled waste raw material (RPET – recycled PET fabric).

The ongoing project is dedicated to new innovative equipment to combat COVID-19 for the production, acquisition and installation of the necessary products, thus contributing to the production of the company upgrading the base and increasing production capacity.

Having the best products in Lithuania from nonwoven manufacturing experience, Ltd. Bagfactory has a strong position in products from nonwovens value and supply chain, which guarantees links both with nonwovens fabric suppliers and manufacturers, and with domestic and international nonwovens product market participants. Established ties and production of various nonwovens raw material experience guarantees that investment in the production of products needed to combat COVID-19 will be successful, the equipment will be purchased in the shortest possible time (negotiations with suppliers are already underway) and the products needed to fight the pandemic will be placed on the market.

The project budget is 143,000.00 EUR.

The amount financed by the European Regional Development Fund is 114,400.00 EUR Implementing institution: SE Lithuanian Business Support Agency

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