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“Flexible ultrasound material thermal joining JOINING technology for automatic Non-Woven bag manufacturing process (PET-RPET GO)”

UAB Bagfactory is a manufacturer of non-woven PP material bags, the market leader in Lithuania and one of the market leaders in the EU. 

In the production process, the company uses ultrasonic technologies for thermal edge joining. Technological production processes using ultrasonic technologies are constantly being improved – recently the production line has introduced an innovation developed by the company’s specialists, which has allowed optimizing the standard production process and achieving a production speed of 50 PP bags per minute. 

Currently, the applicant, with the participation of researchers from the KTU Ultrasound Institute, is modeling the production process of non-woven PET material bags, and the production processes for non-woven RPET material are also being investigated. The results of the research show that that not only are there realistic preconditions for the new ultrasonic material thermal bonding technology for the automatic production process of non-woven PET / RPET material bags, but there are also identified problems and R&D activities to solve these problems. 

The submitted project is aimed at the automatic development of a flexible ultrasonic material thermal bonding technology for the automatic production process of non-woven PET / RPET bags. The R&D activities to solve scientific and technological problems will create a technological solution for the ultrasonic joining of non-woven PET / RPET material under the conditions of an automatic production process, which can be adapted to the production facilities of non-woven PP bags currently on the market; preconditions will also be created for the implementation of this method: During the project, an automatic handle forming and attachment module will be developed for the automatic production process of non-woven PET / RPET bags, which will demonstrate the applicability of the solution to the most standard production technological process. The third product is a non-woven PET / RPET bag with seams made by automatic thermal bonding.

UAB Bagfactory from 2019. March 18 until 2021 March 13 implements the project “Flexible ultrasonic material thermal bonding technology for automatic non-woven bag production process (PET-RPET GO)” (No. J05-LVPA-K-04-0014) funded by the European Union funds for 2014–2020 (European Regional Development Fund) Investment Operational Program Priority 1 “Promotion of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation” measure No. J05-LVPA-K-04 “Intelligence. Joint science-business projects ”.

Project budget: 867 326.97 EUR.

Project financing amount: 499 947.93 EUR.

Implementing institution: SE Lithuanian Business Support Agency

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