How can you live a more sustainable life?

Sustainable life

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Live a more Sustainable Life

There are so many ways to live more sustainably. We’ve broken life down into 3 categories; your home, shopping, and your travel. There are lots of other aspects you could also make greener, but for now focusing on these three key areas is a great place to start.

How to make your home more sustainable?

  1. Utilise your leftovers

It’s often easy to throw out stale bread or fruit and veg that has gone a little past its prime, but by smartly using your leftovers you can waste less and eat more. An easy way to use up stale bread is to break into chunks, fry in a little oil and season for instant croutons or blitz in a blender for cheap and tasty breadcrumbs. Before throwing out the brown bananas, mash them up and add to cake mix for a delicious banana bread. As for soft and squishy berries, throw them in a blender with some ice and water or diary-free milk for a scrummy smoothie.

  1. Recycle as much as you can

Taking the extra time to separate and recycle your household waste is a great way to live more sustainably. By recycling your cardboard, paper, glass, and plastics, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Nowadays, many companies turn recycled materials into pencils, bottles and even clothes!

  1. Switch to green energy suppliers

There are so many energy suppliers to choose from for your electricity and heating, so why not opt for a green energy supplier. Many energy suppliers are now supplementing traditional fossil fuel energy methods with green methods such as wind power to support the environment and reduce the environmental impact on the planet. 

  1. Improve the energy efficiency of your home

Green energy suppliers are the only option to make your home greener. You can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by insulating the walls, replacing old windows and doors. This will not only make your home greener but also reduce your energy bills, it’s win-win!

  1. Encourage wildlife to visit

Many insects and animals are vital to keeping our planet going. Encourage bees in your garden with flowers and plants. Leaving your grass a little longer will also encourage wildlife to your garden, as well as reducing the impact of droughts. There are lots of other things you can do to encourage wildlife, the list is endless.

How to shop more sustainably?

  1. Shop locally

Shopping locally will shorten the supply chain, plus sourcing your food from local suppliers will support small businesses as well as ensuring you eat nutritionally rich food. Opting to buy some of your food from local suppliers not only benefits you but also the local farms and growers.

  1. Buy from charity shops

Buying from charity shops is a great way to support circular fashion. Circular fashion is a term used to describe recycling and upcycling in the fashion industry to improve sustainability in the industry. Charity shops are also a great place to find hidden gems such as vintage designer bags or jackets.

  1. Swish your wardrobe

Swishing is the latest craze taking the world by storm. Swishing is the process of swapping your unwanted clothes and accessories for tokens, which you then use to swap with items others have donated. It’s a fantastic green way to update your wardrobe without spending a penny.

  1. Upcycle your wardrobe and furniture

If you love to get creative, then upcycling is for you! Most of the time we only wanted to get rid of items or don’t use them anymore because we are bored of the way they look. A simple solution is to upcycle and change the colour or design. You can find great upcycling materials in craft shops, haberdasheries, and charity shops. 

  1. Set yourself spending limits

It is very easy to over-spend on fast fashion as there are so many sites at the end of our fingertips. The easiest way to reduce the number of items from fast fashion brands ending up in your wardrobe is to set yourself a spending limit. You can also unsubscribe from marketing emails and app notifications to prevent temptation.

How to travel sustainably?

  1. Use public transport 

Opting for public transport instead of your car is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Switching to public transport for a few commutes a week is an easy way to live more sustainability and save money or fuel. To go even greener, walk or cycle to work or to the shops.

  1. Off-set your carbon footprint

If you would really like to make a difference, then offsetting your carbon footprint is a great option. From planting trees in your name to supporting green energy projections across the globe, there are so many options. Search ‘offset my carbon footprint’ online for more information. 

  1. Travel to countries that are invested in sustainability

There are lots of countries across the globe that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, and choosing to travel to one of these destinations is a great way to take a step towards travelling more sustainably. The list of countries in the top 100 include the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. 

  1. Fly with an airline that is trying to reduce emissions

Airlines understand that their businesses make a large contribution to the world’s carbon footprint, so many have started to look at ways to reduce their impact. Many are looking at alternative fuels and redesigning their planes to reduce noise pollution. 

  1. Look for environmentally conscious accommodation 

Look for hotels and resorts that are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, whether they are choosing to use recycled fabrics or grow their own produce.

These are just some of the many changes you can make to live a more sustainable life. There are lots of great resources online that also details ways to live more sustainably. For sustainable bag options, please feel free to contact us!

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