How to recycle unwanted clothes

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The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to waste in the world, so recycling
unwanted clothes is a great way to help reduce the impact of fashion on our planet. Here
are a few ways you can recycle your unwanted clothes

Drop unwanted textiles to recycling points

You can find recycling points for clothing at many supermarkets and recycling centres. These
recycling points are a great option for clothes that are a little past their best but can be
recycled and used for another product or garment. Check what items are accepted before
taking your textiles to recycling points as some restrictions do apply, for example many
won’t accept underwear.

Donate to charity shops

If you have clothes that you no longer want but are in good condition so could go to a loving
home, then charity shops are a great option. There are lots of great causes that you can
support by donating your unwanted items. Just like recycling points, there are some
exceptions to items that will be accepted, so give your local shop a call or visit their website
to ensure your items are suitable. Whilst dropping off your donations, take a look around
the shop, you might just find a vintage treasure to take home.

Drop items at high street retailers

As the consumer push for the fashion retailer to reduce waste has moved to the forefront of
the industry, high street retailers have reacted by introducing their own recycling systems.
Retailers like H&M, Marks and Spencer and Zara offer recycling points in many of their
stores and offer a voucher or discount code to spend in store.

Why recycle unwanted clothes?

If you are wondering why, you should bother recycling your unwanted clothes, here a few
reasons why:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Reduces the amount of waste in landfill
  • Help those in need when donating to charity shops
  • Conserves energy

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